Silver Creek Hunting Club Rules 2015 – 2016

General Rules
  1. All members must have a valid Silver Creek Hunting Club membership card on his / her person and accessible to show to a fellow member while on the club’s property.
  2. Club members are required to display a current vehicle pass on vehicles and an ATV stickers must be visible on ATV’s.  Vehicles and ATV’s without a visible vehicle pass (sticker) are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
  3. Guests are not allowed during deer and turkey seasons, unless the guest is an immediate family member and a high school or college student under the age of 22.
  4. Club members may hunt with children that are immediate family members under age 16.  A club member must be present with the child (children) while on the club’s property.  If a child kills a deer, both the club member and child must sign-out the deer. Children must abide by the club’s harvest rules unless the deer is the child’s “first ever” deer harvested.
  5. ALL GUEST must be accompanied by a club member while on the club’s property.
  6. Club membership dues for 2014 are $500.00 which includes a spouse membership.  
  7. Our club membership year starts March 1st and ends February 28th of the following year.  Membership slots are filled on a first paid basis. Current members in good standing have membership renewal preference until March 1st.  New members will be accepted based on available (open) membership slots.
  8. Check our web site for updates –

Deer Harvest Rules

  1. Georgia DNR (state) hunting regulations apply to all club properties.  Additional club restrictions also apply to our “Quality Managed Tracts.”  The Highway 101 and Watkins Gin properties are “Quality Managed Tracts.”
  2. Georgia DNR (state) Game Rules Tracts

Bailey Road and Haywood Valley - Georgia DNR game laws and deer harvest rules apply. A maximum of two (2) does per membership, one of the allowed doe must be harvested with a bow or muzzle loader.

Quality Managed Tracts

  1. Watkins Gin – Bucks harvested at Watkins Gin must have a minimum 15” inside spread or 16” for both main beams.  A maximum of two (2) doe per membership - may be harvested.  One of the allowed doe must be harvested with a bow or muzzle loader.
  2. Hunting (harvesting) doe on a club food plot or another member’s food plot is not allowed.
  3. Both the hunters and doe must be 100 yards away from food plot. Exception, children under the age of 16 can harvest a “first ever” doe (or Buck) on a club food plots.
  4. Bucks harvested on a “Quality Managed Tract” must be shoulder, or European mounted.  The name, address and phone number of the licensed taxidermist must be provided.  All deer must be signed out at the gate on the day of the kill.
  6. Hunter’s harvesting a buck that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the “Quality Managed Tract” will be fined $200.00 and will not be allowed to hunt until the fine is paid. After the fine is paid, the second buck may only be harvested on another tract.

Small Game Hunting Rules

  1. Members are allowed to bring two adult guests per visit during small game hunting seasons (when it does not coincide with deer, or turkey seasons.)  Member and Guest harvest cannot exceed the state limits for one person.  Non-member vehicle must be left at gate.  Hunters are limited to 6 rabbits per day. You may not hunt the same tract of land on two consecutive days.
  2. Small game hunters are not allowed to release dogs any closer than 300 yards from other hunters. Coon hunters may not hunt until 1 hour after sunset and must leave by 3:00 AM. Only 3 coons are allowed per tract of land, per season, per member.  Coon hunters may take a guest, but the guest vehicle must be left at gate.
  3. Planted Dove fields will be fully open to Dove hunting during Deer Season
  4. All State game laws apply!

Rules

  1. All members must mark the sign-in board map (of the appropriate property) while visiting or hunting a property.
  2. You must sign-in when you arrive and sign-out when you depart.
  3. Do not erase another member’s markings on sign-in board / map.
  4. The sign-in board shall not be marked over 24 hours in advance.

Land Management

  1. No cutting of trees.
  2. All members must do one of the following:
    1. Plant a food plot.
    2. Put out a feeder & keep it full (member’s name must be visible on all feeders)
    3. Put out minerals.
    4. Attend a club workday.
  3. You must provide the appropriate club officer with the details regarding your work on the tract.
  4. All feeders, feeds, and visible traces of minerals must be removed 14 days prior to deer and turkey season.
  5. Food plots and feeders must be approved in advance by a club officer.
  6. Feeders must be placed and actively managed prior to June 1st with a mix of corn and high protein feed.


  1. Watkins Gin - Club members may place a camper at the Watkins Gin property camping area between August 15th and May 15th of the following year. Campers must be removed from Watkins Gin by May 16th and can be returned after August 14th.
  2. Campers must display the Club Member’s Name and Phone number while parked on a club property.
  3. Contact a club office if you have question regarding camper placement and removal.


  1. Stands may not be placed over another member’s food plot.
  2. Stands will not be nailed to trees.
  3. All stands, feeders, and personal property must be marked (at eye level) with the year, member’s name, & phone number.
  4. Stands on Power lines & Gas lines are not to extend no more than 3 feet onto right of way and must be on the same side as all other permanent stands
  5. If you have a stand, you must maintain your stand year round and visit each stand on a monthly basis.
  6. No one is allowed to reserve another hunter’s permanent stand unless they have that member’s permission.
  7. You may hunt another member’s permanent stand only if the owner has not reserved it and has not arrived 45 minutes before sunrise. Do not hunt another member’s stand unless you have a permanent stand and/or have made improvements on the same tract and visited that tract once per month.

Rules of Conduct

  1. No shooting over an adjoining landowner’s property.
  2. Approved “Sight-in” area for rifles will be designated by officers of that tract of land
  3. Sight-in rifles prior to opening day of  Turkey and Deer (Archery) seasons – sight-in is not allowed during Turkey and Deer seasons.
  4. If you see someone trespassing, try to get their name and picture.  Call 911 and ask for a game warden then report the event. Provide details to a club officer including the date and time.
  5. Members are asked to carry some kind of camera.
  7. No riding thru Food Plots.
  8. Anyone caught playing in mud, tearing up property or roads; anyone caught breaking State Game Laws or caught breaking club or lease rules will be kicked out of the club.

No one under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance is allowed on the property any time!!   No alcohol or controlled substances allowed on the property at any time!!   Anyone caught is automatically dismissed from the club!!

Current and New Members must complete and sign the Annual “Membership Agreement form.”

Include your Annual “Membership Agreement Form” with you club dues.

                                              Use the links below to download a copy
                                             Silver Creek Hunting Club Rules (2016)
                                                     Membership Agreement Form

                                  Silver Creek Hunting Club Officers

Club President                                                      Vice President

Michael A Warren     706 232 8729                   David T. Glover          770 480 5057
481Brumbelow Road                                                 
Aragon, GA 30104-1416                                           

        Baily Road                                                        Haywood Valley

Forrest Sanford     770 490 1834                       Bob Halliday      404 538 8200                               

Todd Sanford        678 491 9467                         Jim Hayes            828 515 3718                            
                                                                                David Glover       770   480 5057
       Watkins Gin                                                    

Donald Elders      706 346 2647                                                      

Stevie Puckett    706 676 8691                               

Use the links below to download a copy

Silver Creek Hunting Club Rules (2016)
Membership Agreement Form